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Igniting a movement of unity and purpose in families around the world.

A restoration of families is needed. We all can see the obvious signs of family falling apart and the repercussions of that loss in our society.

As we break generational cycles, build strong marriages, and create lasting legacies, one home at a time, we will see a shift in the next generation. Within just a few generations, the multiplication affect will mean that millions of people are living in unity and purpose, making a difference for the Kingdom.

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If we want to see family restored to the way God intended, it’s going to take collaboration, unity, and the power of working together. We empower churches and businesses to be a part of this endeavor with us.

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Talk to a Legacymakers Trainer to learn about Legacy Mapping and what it entails, have any questions answered, and find a time to get started.

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Join a team of volunteers that encourage families through incredible events. Join our prayer team to pray for Legacymakers and the families we serve.


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Empower other families and spur on the movement of families living on purpose.

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• Strengthen the marriages and families within your church
• Train families to build legacies they’re proud of
• Develop family discipleship

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