What will be your family legacy?

We envision, encourage, and empower families to build a legacy they're proud of.

Build a Legacy You're Proud of
Did you know

Strong, healthy, families are the key to a healthy society? But today families are struggling.

Family connection and intimacy are at all time lows.

Most dads spend an average of 6 minutes a day of focused time with their kids and technology is taking the place of genuine connection.

The noise of the modern world has us more distracted than ever.

77% of parents say they are overly stressed with too many things on their plate.

Parents feel lost in how to train their kids in a time of increasing social pressure and confusion.

In the wake of secularization; fatherlessness, divorce, teen pregnancy, and suicide are at all time highs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

we can break

Generational cycles.

we can build

Strong marriages.

we can create

A Legacy we're proud of.

How it works

Every families needs a mission to rally around and a set of values they are living by.

Legacy Mapping

Every family needs a mission to rally around and a set of values they are living by. A clear vision brings unity to your home and depth of connection to your relationships as you have a common goal to work towards and common language to use. Without a clear vision you will never know what you could’ve had as a family.

Legacy Development System

Align behaviors with core values. Your family will never be the same after this 9-week, 1-on-1 training. You will feel confident in living a legacy you are proud of, strengthen your marriage, and have a clear plan for discipling your children.

Custom Family Crest

Create a multi-generational legacy. Encapsulate all you discovered through Legacy Mapping by displaying a custom made crest in your home so you never forget the legacy you are creating and the mission you are living.

Not our own words. Yours.

Hear from families who have become Legacymakers

“Thank you Legacymakers for the impact you have made in our family through this process. Our mission statement is on our minds daily. We have a greater awareness of joy and clarity of vision since going through your course. Thank you Legacymakers!”

Crystal & Michael


Jason and Liz


Beto and Mili


Alicia and Jeremiah

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Your family and our world need your legacy to be all it was meant to be.

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