Legacy Mapping®

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Legacy Mapping ®

Legacy Mapping is an engaging experience of discovering the unique impact each family is designed to make. Families are led by a Family Trainer through a 7-step process to identify a core set of Family Values, a Family Mission, and the beginning of a plan to start living it out. It is a 2-night experience, last three hours each, filled with good food, inviting conversation, self discovery, and in depth brainstorming.


Legacy Development System TM

The Legacy Development System is the training required in order to take the vision a family creates through Legacy Mapping and implement it in their life. Over the course of three months families engage in 9 - 10 training sessions, each an hour long. Family Trainers equip, challenge, and encourage families in the development of their family legacy as they look at the barriers keeping them from living the life they envision, develop new habits, and create healthier rhythms for their family.


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session 1


During session 1 families are led through engaging activities and inquisitive conversation over an array of delicious food. Brainstorming led by intentional questions allows families to come away from session 1 with a greater understanding of indiviual strengths and having begun to formulate their Family Values.

session 2


During session 2 families clarify rich and powerful Family Values and a focused Mission unique to your family. You will leave with a vision and the beginnings of a plan to start building a family legacy that will last generations. One that your great great grandkids will be proud of.

Meet your training staff:

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Legacy Mapping creates the vision for your family legacy, the Legacy Development System helps you make that vision a reality. We have seen that often families have barriers that keep them from living out the legacy they want to be building. The Legacy Development System helps establish new rhythms, work through those barriers, and develop habits as a family that will aide in the continual assesment and implementation of their legacy.


Develop confidence in living
your legacy

- Implement Legacy Map
- Character development
- Practice mission meetings
- Unity of scheduling
- Create Rites of Passage
-  Greater vision for kids


Strengthen your marriage

- Vision for your marriage
- Develop spiritual connection
- Identify roadblocks
- Expand compassion for  
- Grow in unity with each other


Create a plan for spiritual formation
in your children

- Discipleship happens at home
- Grow in discipline
- Develop discipleship plan
- Plan for growing
- Family worship practices spiritually together

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