Year End Video: Create Generational Change
By Legacymakers
December 6, 2020

Year End Video: Create Generational Change

Each family leaves a mark, a pattern, a legacy.  

We've all been marked by family.

And now we have the option to leave a mark in our family and in all future generations.

Your donation will go to make a huge impact in families in 3 major ways.

1. Family Sponsorships that provide families the resources, a mapping session, and training and coaching for a whole year in becoming a legacymaker.

2. Cultivate the heart and hope for family and provide education for families locally through our community outreach events, retreats, expeditions, and resources.

3.  Help Legacymakers grow and expand our reach as we build communities of Legacymakers all over with new staff and new regions.

Legacymakers was founded on the belief that if we can start a movement of unity and purpose coming to life in families across the nation then we would enable next generation live in the positive light of their parent's legacy, to prevent and overcome previous ancestral and family breakdowns, and build a healthier, thriving society everywhere.

Family is the foundation of society and our mission is to guide families in the process of discovering and uniting around the mission that will drive the legacy that each family will create in the world.

Make a difference, help build up the foundation of our society, bring families closer together, and positively change the DNA of all future generations. Join others in partnering by February 27, 2021 for our Legacymakers Launch Event.

"Let's start a movement of unity and purpose in families across the nation".


**LEGACYMAKERS is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.  LEGACYMAKERS is exempt from Federal income tax under the provisions of IRC 501(a) as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  All donations are tax-deductible to the donor in compliance with the provisions of IRC 501(a) or other applicable sections of the IRC. You will receive a year-end statement with our tax id number for your reference.