The Story We ALL Tell
By Legacymakers
June 4, 2021

The Story We ALL Tell

What story are you telling with your life? Better yet, what story will be told about you? That is a question we often ask ourselves at Legacymakers and we seek to answer it with crystal clarity because we know that every decision we make will ultimately be the story that we tell.

The challenging fact is that once a decision is made it cannot be undone and immediately becomes a part of our story.

This started to really sink in for me when I read a quote from Dr. Ed Cole that says:

A man is only who he is in private, all the rest is just reputation.

Reputation. Perception. All the rest is just the perception we give people, which is the reputation we have in people's minds. However, the decisions we make when nobody's watching are what matters most. These decisions behind closed doors are the real me.. Laziness, selfishness, pleasure, whatever it is....

What decisions am I making that don't add up to the story that I want to tell?

If you’ve never thought about that question, I cannot encourage you enough to begin now.

When I get old, and the charm wears off, that appealing reputation i've created will be worn down to the raw character that developed from the decisions I made in private.

What decisions are you making when nobody's watching that will end up stabbing you in the back when you're old and gone?

Here's the practical growth piece: How are you building timeless, pressure-tested, character that will enable you to make the decisions you need to make to tell the story you want to tell?

Here's some things we need to implement to ensure quality character development:

  • Find someone to ask you the poking hard questions about how you're really doing.
  • Maintain a spirit and posture of humility.
  • Embrace a lifestyle of a lifelong learner.

Your story, becomes their story. Your story becomes the legacy your family carries.

You only get one shot to tell a story worth being told.

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