Every day has night, then morning; every year has winter, then spring; every life has struggle, then solace. This life we live is made up of both dark and light, good and evil. The beauty of this reality is that without the dark we would never know light. Without evil we would never know good. This is not something to begrudge but something to embrace so we may be drawn deeper into the light and good amidst the dark and evil.

Our families will all know periods of loss, seasons of uncer- tainty, crushing disappointment. No family is immune to the suffering of this world. The question we must ask ourselves then is not how do we avoid, suppress, or medicate pain and heartache, but how will we respond in the midst of it?

We could be drawn into wallowing doubt or we could search for answers, creating a more unshakeable faith. We could dwell in self-pity and bitter resentment or we could learn a greater depth of contentment and true joy. We could shoulder it all carrying every burden or we could grow in humble dependance.

Often it is these journeys through darkness that shed light on the strength of our family system.

These big moments in life give us opportunity to grow into families that remain steadfast. A place of safety, hope, and reassurance of love. Amidst the doubts, family can be a safe place for hard questions. Among the heart aching pain, family can give the consistent comfort of presence. Throughout the healing from life altering sickness, family can be the strength we are lacking.

Family is designed to be an ever present comfort, a reliable source of support, an unmovable love, a beacon of light amidst the dark.

Family is designed to be... steadfast.

-The Glassman's

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