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$0-$30,000       90-95%

$30,000-            70-85%

$65,000-            60-70%
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$100,000-          40-55%

$130,000-         25-40%

$165,000+            0% 
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Strong Family Legacies Begin at Legacymakers.


Legacymakers Academy Overview

Legacy Mapping®

- Legacy Mapping Kit
- Legacy Mapping Workbook
- Family Legacy Tool box
- Value sort cards, highlighters, pen, and note pad
- Online Legacy Mapping Video guide
- A note from us

Explore what makes you unique in Step 1.
Uncover the legacy you received in Step 2.
Discover how to be better together in Step 3.
Develop your family's ideal future in Step 4.
Gain clarity of vision and direction in Step 5.
Create your family's legacy gameplan in Step 6.
Establish your new family legacy in Step 7.
Get clear next steps so you can keep moving.

What You'll Take Away

  • Unity around what matters most to your family
  • Confidence in discipling your children
  • A family rhythm of connection and growth
  • Understanding on how your family uniquely
    impacts the world around you
  • New skills that will help your family live
    intentionally for generations
  • Focused passion in your marriage and family








Personalized Coaching

Starting at $650
Scholarships available
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Legacymakers Academy

- Family Legacy Box
- Legacy Development Books
- 12 week Zoom groups
- Legacymakers Merch
- Exclusive Online Family Community, Parent Power-up Nights, Webinars, Cohorts, Forums, and more

Stories of Impact

The Weisbenders

"We are truly feeling changed, blessed, and overwhelmed with gratitude.  Going through the Legacymakers process was nothing short of magical.  If every family only took the time to pause, reflect, understand their values and take a stand for them... what a different world we would live in.  It's a profound and pivotal life experience and we are walking away feeling empowered, unified, and blessed beyond measure.  Thank you Legacy Makers for not only playing a huge role of shaping our future but also the futures of many generations to come!"

The Deogracias

"My husband and I will forever be grateful for Legacymakers and our time working with Ben and Megan. Through this experience we had the opportunity to break down walls and dive deep into the foundations of our individual stories. We sifted through our families of origin and began to dream of what we individually desired and valued for our family. We talked about traditions we hoped to carry on, which had been passed down to us as well as ones we desired to break free of. We then joined together as a family to combine these individual values, desires, and aspirations for our family into 5 core family values and our family mission statement. And it is this statement that we pray our family will be known by. It is this statement that we wish to leave as a mark on this world for those to carry on even when we are no longer here. This is our legacy. We are so thankful that Legacymakers helped us to create this vision and hope for our family so that we never loose sight of why we were placed here on this earth. We want to live with purpose and passion and it is through our time with Legacymakers that we were able to articulate this desire and set it into motion."

The Casillas'

"Legacy Mapping and the Family Legacy Box were exactly what we needed to live out our heart's desire for our marriage and family. LegacyMakers offered us invaluable tools and unwavering support, guiding us towards a purposeful and intentional life. The journey was enlightening, helping us to visualize and actively build our family legacy. The Family Legacy Box made our experience both fun and deeply meaningful, fostering connections and cherished memories. We're grateful for the transformation and clarity it brought to our lives, making our family journey more intentional and mission-focused, right when we needed it most."

After completing Legacymakers Academy...

of couples are experiencing a more unified marriage around what is most important
of families reported that their kids have a clear understanding of what it means to carry on the Family name and the power of multi-generational legacy.
of families expressed increased confidence in their ability to disciple their kids.
of families indicated they were more clear than ever what the unique strengths of their family were.

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